Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play an important role in helping NGMA staff execute the mission of the association: To cultivate a community of excellence in grants management through education, certification, integrity and professional connections.

An annual call for volunteers goes out to members every April. NGMA offers various opportunities for members to serve.

Member-Led Committees

Education Committee
Education Committee Mission Statement

Member Chair: Brent Ramsey, CGMS
Vice-Chair: Patrick Ballinger, CGMS
Board Member Liaison: Rikitra Cephus, CGMS
NGMA Staff Liaison: Kelli Klepic

Chapter Chairs Committee
Chapter Chairs Committee Mission Statement

Member Chair:
Roman Guillory (Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter Chair)

Board Member Liaison: Christian Jones


Workforce Development

Periodically, NGMA seeks out member volunteers to complete short-term projects to assist members of the grants management community.

To be added to the volunteer list: Email your contact information to Andrea Yegros at [email protected]. You will be contacted when a volunteer opportunity arises.

Project example: With the help of volunteer members, NGMA created a Grants Management Overview webpage with basic information about grants management. The purpose of the project was to create a resource for anyone interested in entering the profession; new and experienced grants management professionals; stakeholders; those who work with or for grants managers; and the general public. 

Estimated commitment time: 4 hours* (a combination of virtual meetings and email communications over a 3 to 4-month period.)

*Commitment times vary depending on the project.


Additional Opportunities to Engage

Contribute a Blog Article

The NGMA Blog features articles from fellow members and CAPP partners with valuable advice and/or best practices tips on key grants management issues. Whether you have a specific topic in mind, or simply want to contribute, let us know! (NGMA can provide a topic if you don't already have one.) Contact Andrea Yegros at [email protected] to learn more.  

Share Your Professional Journey

NGMA encourages members to share their journey in grants management, which NGMA will spotlight in publications (such as its monthly newsletter) and/or social media. Personal stories resonate with and encourage other members or potential members! If you're interested in participating, complete this brief questionnaire or contact Andrea Yegros at [email protected] to learn more

You must have a current NGMA membership to participate in volunteer activities. 

We appreciate your interest in serving and look forward to working with you!