"Preparing for and obtaining the CGMS really put me through my paces!
I believe it's made me a stronger internal resource for our team at work.
I'm able to communicate effectively regarding the rules governing our
federal awards, and research any questions my supervisor and coworkers have."

Beth Pfohl, MS, CGMS
Cleveland, Ohio

CGMS Holders (listed alphabetically by last name)


Permelia Addison, Prince George's County Public Schools
Nadine Addo, Georgetown Law
George Addy, Environmental Justice Foundation
Mandy Adkins, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Suzanne Adkins
, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Hossana Agedew Redi, USAID
Karen Agner, CommonSpirit Health
Javed Ahmad, The Palladium Group LLC
Linus Akanoh, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Brenda Alford, Alliance for Nonprofits, Inc.
Megan Allen, Real Grant Solutions
Sheila Alvarez
, SAB Consulting LLC
Louise M. Amburgey, CMS/OAGM
Denny Anderson, Harris Health System
Kathy Anderson, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Stacey Anderson-Ebener, CohnReznick
Lisa Andrew
, Prevention First
Mark Andrews, Prince George's County Public Schools
Kristi Arnold, City of Loveland

Prince Aryee, FEMA
Angela Ash, Ash Consulting Solutions, LLC
Julie Assel, Assel Grant Services
MaryAnn Avendano, Workforce Connections


Patrick Ballinger, Pasco County BCC
Pearl Bandringa, City of Wilmington
Petra Bartella
, Washoe County
Melanie Bartlett, School District of Philadelphia
Andrew Bates, Louisville Metro Government
Mary Beaty
, Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc.
Aleisha Beckum, uProfyt
Emily Beckham, North Central Texas Council of Governments - Transportation
Lori Beeler, GATU, Governor's Office of Management and Budget
Brook Belete, MWAA
Ron Benedict, The Olson Group, Ltd.
Jessica Bertram
, United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc.
Jerry Bertrand, Public Impact Advisors LLC
Amy Bicek-Skog, Minnesota Department of Health
Arlie Bonto, GTA TeleGuam
Cynthia Branch
, American Medical Association
Verna Broomfield, City of Margate
Lashon Brown, Valencia College
Michael Brown
, DHS/Federal Emergency Management Agency
Trina Cooper Brown, Project Evident/ Tides Center
Kathy Brunot, University of Alabama
Heather Brunton, West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance
Patricia Buxton, Washoe County


Cara Cahoon, CHAS Health
Kathryn Caler,
NC Department of Health & Human Services
Kathleen Calienes
, Miami Cancer Institute, Baptist Health South Florida
Alejandro Camporreale,
Ad Astra Solutions, LLC
Sharon Cargo

Emily Carmichael, NorthCare
Cynthia Carpenter, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jeffrey Carroll, ManTech International
Lena Carstens, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
Vincenzo Cassella, Campbell University
Erin Castleberry, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
Linette Ceasar, Inova Health System
Rikitra Cephus, Pasadena Independent School District
Karen Clackum, CDC
Robyne Clark, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Carolyn Cobb, HRSA/Division of Grants Management Operations
Gifty Debora Cobblah, International Association of Firefighters
Kieran Coe, Guidehouse
Alan Conway, DOC/National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
Lori Cooke, Washoe County
Bianca Costa Davis, US Department of Health & Human Services
David Cowell, Yale University
Loretta Cox, American National Red Cross
Jon Crego, Columbus Public Health
William Crosby, Kearney & Co.
Kimberly Cross, Philanthropy Services LLC


Joseph D'Alessandro, School District of Philadelphia
Robyn Daniels, National Science Foundation
Patrice Davis, Grants Works
Stephanie Dean
, Dean's Results, PLLC
Tijuanna DeCoster, EPA
Denise DeLany, DeLany Grant Services
Gwendolene Deskins, Prince Georges County Public Schools
Wendy DeWell, Retired
Tanya Dickinson, Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities
Kathy Dimopoulos, City of Wilmington
Olga Dixon, DOC/National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
Nancy Donsbach, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Kimberly Doyle, Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)
Susan Durham, Louisville Metro Government
Kimberly Durkin, NIH/National Institutes of Child Health & Human Development


Rowan Eaves, Moss Adams, LLP
Melissa Edgar
, Chickasaw Nation
Ester Edward, DHHS/Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Laurence Emrie, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Gabrielle Enfield, County of Washoe
Stephanie Erickson, Helen Ross McNabb Center
Lynn Evans-Riester, Inova Health System


Diane Fahr, Valencia College
Theresa Falance
Toni Faris
, Public Strategies, Inc.
Isabel Fernandez, ALL GRANTS
Jose Figueroa, ICF
Brette Fishman
, Department of Treasury, Office of Recovery Programs
Presepine Fleming, Inova Health System
Linda Flickinger, Ohio Office of Budget and Management
Kyle Fyock, Guidehouse
Lance Foster, Small Business Administration
Colleen Forrest, Railroad Commission of Texas
Michelle Fox, Apexus
Arman Francis, U.S. Department of State
Angela Fraser, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Leslye Fulwider, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NIH)
Jocelyn Fykes


Vasanth Ganesan, Guidehouse
Jennifer Garrett,
LuAnn Garza
, University of New England
Carrie Gernhardt,
Melissa Geronimo
, Inova Health System
Keith Glidewell, Washoe County
Kimberly Gooding, U.S. Department of State
Bonnie Graham, The Bruman Group, PLLC
Whitney Gray, Assel Grant Services
Dan Green, Ohio EMA
Willie Green, Institute of Community Services, Inc.
Lori Guerrero, Metro


James Ha, eCivis, Inc.
Anita Hairston, U.S. Department of Interior
Shannon Halberstadt
Carmel Halloun
, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Anna Haney, eCivis
Diane Hansen, Fairfax County, Office of Emergency Management
Matthew Hanson, Witt O'Brien's
Danny Harjo, Prairie Island Indian Community
Samantha Harmon, Najit Technologies, Inc.
Matthew Harvey, USDA/FPAC-BC
Becky Heisinger, South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations
Paula Heller, Hillsborough Community College
Tiffani Herendeen
, Guidehouse
Cassandra Henry, FEMA
Betsy Hernandez, FEMA
Amy Hewett, City of Cleveland
Vicki Hiestand, The Center for Rural Development
Dorothy Hines, Bureau of Reclamation
Dustin Hinkel, Guidehouse
Judy Hoanshelt, City of Miami Beach
George Hogan III, FEMA
Shelby Holman, Southern Imaginations, LLC
Kenneth Holton, Lutheran Services Florida Health Systems
Daniel Holtz, AmpliFund / StreamLink Software
Regina Hopkins, Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO),
City of Wilmington, NC
Kimberly House, City of Houston
Maria Howeth, Chickasaw Nation Industries
Laurie Hyde, Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District


Kristine Inman, Southcentral Foundation


Lindsey Jackson, FORVIS, LLP
Andrew Janos
, Fairfax County Department of Procurement and Material Management Grants and Sponsored Programs Division
Erica Jefferies, Hillsborough County-Criminal Justice and Grants Management
Kathleen Jewett, NOAA-Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Ambrie Johnson, Chickasaw Nation
Dawna Johnson, State of Florida
Tanya Johnson
, Cherokee Nation
Natasha Jones, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Staci Jones, Guidehouse
Deirdre Joseph, City of Tampa Police
Emily Judice-Hodges, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
Michelle Juliani, CohnReznick


Charles Kabanda, Infectious Diseases Institute
Michael Keegan, U.S. Agency for International Development
Lynne Kelleher, Court of Appeals DBA Administrative Office of the Courts
Tiffany Kesslar, The Bruman Group, PLLC
Melanie Kielich, St. Petersburg College
Wendy Kilgore
, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Katie Kirstein, Guidehouse
Lorna Kivlehan, U.S. Department of State, RM Bureau Office of DCFO
Kathleen Kizior, Cherry Bekaert
Jennifer Knecht, FEMA
Benjamin Kofi Quansah, Deloitte Ghana
Yelena Kogay, Freedom House, Inc.
Carol Kraus
Susan Kuhn, West Virginia Public Service Commission


Dana Lagarde, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Natalie Lambert
, State of Illinois
Mary Landers Irwin, Bay Area UASI Program
Lance Laurier, CHAS Health
Chris Lawson, Lane Gorman Trubitt
Sarah Legner
Deb Lemke
, Children’s Wisconsin
Jessie Lemos, J.M. Lemos Consulting LLC
Lisa Lewis, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Kara Lorduy, CHST
Constance Lucido, Washoe County, Nevada
Rose Lyda


Emily Magyar, Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners -Parks & Conservations Resources Department
Laura Mahoney, DOT/Federal Railroad Administration
Carla Makinen, Worcester County Public Schools
Greg Manning, FEMA
Cerina Mariano, Pacific Island Health Officers’ Assoc.
Jasmine Markanday, PKS Grants & Accounting Solutions, LLC
Nick Marsters, Illinois Department of Human Services
Pilar Martinez, AmpliFund
Barbara Maskell, National Fire Protection Association
Clarisse Mayuga,
Shelia McCartney, FEMA
Eloise McClinton, Institute of Community Services, Inc.
Glenn McCormick
David McCoy
, FEMA Region 6
Beverly McFarlin, City of Houston
Jim McKay, Blake Willson Group
Lynn McKiernan Ngari, King County
Henna Michalek, The Scripps Research Institute
Lynn Miller, Honolulu Police Department/Finance Department
Jim Modrick, National Park Service, American Battlefield Protection Program
Christian Montz
Laurie Moore
, ThedaCare
Gloria Moreno, City of Houston, Finance Department
Leia Morgan, CommonSpirit Health
Lori Morgan, Beaverton School District
Jon Muckey, U.S. Department of Energy
Shannon Mulkey, REI Oklahoma
Julie Murdock, FORVIS

Angela Murphy, Miami Valley Fire EMS/ Alliance
Dawn Myers, Raleigh Police Department


Paula Naughton, Minnesota Department of Health
Jillian Neimeister, AmpliFund
Emy Neuman-Javornik, Emy Neuman-Javornik PLLC
Charles Nichols, Kearney & Company
Kasie Nichols, Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Lisa Nine, FEMA
Stacey Norman, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Cherie Norris, Attorney General's Office State of Washington
Geoffrey Ntosi, CMS/OAGM
Rachael Nygaard, Buncombe County Government


Anna O'Connell, GATU, Governor's Office of Management and Budget
Merril Oliver, Merril Oliver Consulting LLC
Parwiz Osmani, Disabled Veterans National Foundation
Akin Oyekan, Booz Allen Hamilton


Lorie Palm, Montana DNRC
Sue Pardee
, Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District
Karen Parker, Washtenaw Community College
Debbie Parks, Ozarks Transportation Organization
Brian Perez
Michelle Peterson
Beth Pfohl, ADAMHSCC
Carson Phillips, CohnReznick
Karen Phillips, Restore Hope
Dora Pleasant, IEM
Denise Powell, Nemours Foundation
McKinley Posely, USDA/Foreign Agriculture Service
Maurice Preston, Guidehouse Federal


Renea Ramos, FEMA
Brent Ramsey
Brenda Ramsey-Boone, DC Department of Health
Delene Rawls, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Adela Rexhepaj, NEW Solutions
Henristra Richburg-Wilson
Danielle Ritter
, Chickasaw Nation
Jennifer Roberts
, National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc.
Wanda I. Rodriguez Torres, Consultant
Abby Rollins, CohnReznick
Eric Russell
Michael Rutkowski
, Rider University


Sayed Wahidullah Sadat, Doctors of the World USA
Catherine Schumer, DHS - FEMA
Joan Webb Scornaienchi, HC DrugFree
Zelalem Segano, University of Colorado
Andrea Selmon, FEMA Region 6
Waldo Serrano, EY
Joselle Shea, Booz Allen Hamilton
Mallory Shramek, Institute of International Education
Steve Sidars, Water Research Foundation
Rebecca Silva, Falcón, Sánchez & Associates, PSC
Beverly Smith, Reinhardt University
Pamela A. Smith, American Psychological Association
Tammy Smith, Peninsula Fiber Network
Sandy Smolnicky
, Pueo Business Solutions
Katie Southard, American Heart Association
Steven Spillan, The Bruman Group, PLLC
Theresa Stanley, NASA
DeMakus Staton, D&G Associates Consulting Group LLC
Lakeisa Joiner Stinson, Prince George's County Public School Strategic Planning & Resource Management Office
David Stockhoff, Pueo Business Solutions
Sally Stopher, City of Philadelphia
Kim Swain, FORVIS, LLP
Scott Sweatman, NEW Solutions
Carrie Swisher, Johnson County Sheriff
Fazal Syed, City of Houston
Kenneth Sylvester, Environmental Protection Agency
Linda Szwankowski, Bensenville Elementary School District 2


Zchalyn Tandoc, Guam Department of Education
Claire Taylor
, Prince George's County Public Schools
Arisa Teasley, MCI Group | USA
Pamela Tedesco, National Black Business Support Corporation

Sherrie Thomas, Region 5 Education Service Center
Stacy Thomas, Louisiana Supreme Court
Jewell Thompson, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Shayna Thompson, Guidehouse, LLP
Tim Thorson, Thorson Development Consulting
Michelina Thornton, Newark Board of Education
Rosalie Tomlinson, International Association of Fire Fighters
Sharla Trimm, Ellucian
Nathaniel Trombley, ICF
Jennifer Tucker, Atlas Research


Heather Uhi, Idaho Department of Labor/Serve Idaho
Sandra Urban, Witt O'Brien's


Kim VanEyzeren, Water Research Foundation
Will vanWisse, Jr., State of Maryland-Governor's Office of Crime Prevention, Youth & Victim Services, Governor's Coordinating Offices
Carter Vick, Guidehouse
Lucinda Vigil, FORVIS, LLP
Debra Vizina, Wyoming Department of Health
Lydia-Angela Vollmann


Melanie Wade, International Association of Chiefs of Police
Sean Walker, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Darren Wallace, Dept. of Treasury, Office of Recovery Programs
Claire Walter, Guidehouse
Robyn Webb, Coppell ISD 
Georgia Welton
, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Abigail Wheeler, Elko County
Mary Jean White, MJ White Consulting
Phyllis Shari White, Southern MS Planning and Development District
Lori Wiley, National Science Foundation
Tabitha Wilson Forde, Center for International Private Enterprise
Jennifer Winfrey, Southern Plains Tribal Health Board
Crystal Wolf, Guidehouse
Joseph Wolfe, Washington State Arts Commission
Kailee Wolterstorff, Witt O'Briens
Tammy Woodhams, National Criminal Justice Association


Shelly Youso, University of Minnesota, Medical School
Lily Yu, University of Kansas Medical Center


Timothy Zapata, FEMA
Jennifer Zarek, AmpliFund
Angela Zatlin, CohnReznick
Wina Zorro, Aurora Research Institute




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“During previous NGMA conferences, grant professionals spoke highly about the opportunity, which inspired me to grow in my profession and obtain the certification when the new exam became available…. It is my hope that having knowledge of the federal regulations will allow me to be a better resource for the grants department and the district as a whole.” (Pasadena ISD’s Stewart earns prestigious grant certification)

- Rikitra Cephus, CGMS