Welcome New CAPP Partner, Karsun Solutions!

Karsun Solutions is a fast-growing, innovative, enterprise modernization firm delivering software development, cloud, and advanced analytics solutions. Karsun has developed and streamlined the 45+ grants programs and 11+ grants management systems into one streamlined web-based platform for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We are here to support you to streamline processes, understand grants policies and processes, and leverage our flexible and tailorable reference architecture to quickly support your grants management needs.

Q. What do you love about grants management?

Karsun loves supporting grants management because the mission keeps us going – knowing that we’re supporting the American people to receive the support they need to thrive is one of the best missions we can imagine.

Q. What would you like NGMA members to know about your company?

We believe in implementing solutions that address today’s needs while keeping the future in mind, understanding that the solution will need to adapt to changing mission demands, we build systems with adaptable architectures that are built to last.

Q. What is a surprising fact about your company?

Our company invests heavily in innovation, research, development with the Karsun Innovation Center (KIC), and has provided our teams with 1500+ hours of training, and provides our customers with innovative and customized solutions.

Q. How can NGMA members connect with you?

For more information on Karsun Solutions, please visit our website.