NGMA Welcomes New CAPP Partner, Baker Tilly!

Baker Tilly has a specialized public sector practice whose dedicated professionals guide government entities through an ever-changing environment. Their team helps governments, utilities and school districts pursue growth goals, meet financial obligations and build stronger communities with effective accounting, audit, grants management, tax, municipal advisory, financial management, performance optimization, talent management, executive recruitment and economic development services.

Q. What do you love about grants management?

Grants management is an important part of making sure necessary and critical programs and services remain readily available to the members of all communities throughout the country. To ensure that communities needing the most financial support continue to receive funding, it is important to have the right team available to manage and administer grants. As a grants management professional, I take this personally. Through my work with various entities that receive grant funding, I see this as an opportunity to envision myself as a member of the recipient community. With that mindset, it keeps me mindful of maintaining good grants management practices as I work to efficiently and effectively utilize grants funding to help those that need it most.

Q. What would you like members to know about Baker Tilly?

While Baker Tilly is known as a leading advisory, tax and assurance firm, Baker Tilly is also an innovative firm that is open to exploring new ideas that truly will benefit our clients. As a firm, Baker Tilly doesn’t just do what has always been done – Baker Tilly seeks new opportunities to increase the capacity of our clients allowing them to do more and do it better.

Q. What is a surprising fact about the Baker Tilly?

As a global firm, Baker Tilly has a wide reach with 742 offices spanning across several countries. Although many know Baker Tilly for its tax and advisory services, Baker Tilly also has a strong consulting arm that services multiple industries – real estate, family businesses, retails, not-for-profits, and higher education are just a few of the industries they touch!

Q. How can NGMA’s Members connect with you?

For more information on Baker Tilly please visit our website.