A letter to new grants professionals!

If you’re a grants management professional and haven’t joined a professional organization like the National Grants Management Association, you’re likely missing out on important career-building opportunities! Take a look at our top five reasons to join! 

 #1 Unparalleled Networking Opportunities
The opportunities that NGMA provides for networking are many, but most important is the possibility of connecting with people at conferences, chapter meetings, educational training and online. NGMA member benefits provide access to online chats and forums that gives members the ability to ask questions and explore different topics. Members connect the work they’re doing with others across the country and globally. Building that national or even global network helps our members solve problems in their local areas, discover best practices, and even connect to job opportunities they may not otherwise have known about.

#2 Vital Component of Lifelong Learning
Through NGMA, you’ll have access to continuing education, industry news updates, and conferences.  These resources are critical to continuing education, which in turn can lead to better processes, systems, and personal career outcomes.  NGMA also provides opportunities to become a credentialed Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS)! This credential confers formal recognition of professional competency in the full lifecycle of grants management which can propel a grant professional’s career to the next level.

#3 Source of Mentorship 
NGMA is where you can find experts who will help advance your knowledge and skills. The range of expertise and experience within the NGMA community can provide a wealth of resources to members who are active. Participating in the NGMA Social Community (found on ngma.org) is the perfect place to start building connections with peers, industry experts, obtain sample documents, share ideas and ask questions! There are also special sections specifically for the CGMS, local chapters, or special interests.

 #4 Local Chapter, Webinars, and Regional Events 
One of NGMA’s most coveted member benefits is our free chapters! NGMA’s chapters are extremely active, often meeting several times throughout the year and offering CPEs to attendees by way of timely and interesting presentations! NGMA offers opportunities for members to obtain CPEs and take trainings online through our webinar series. Webinars are also archived online and can be viewed as many times as you’d like! In addition to the webinar series, NGMA offers trainings both in the DC area as well as on the road, our GMBoK training program. 

#5 Career and Leadership Development
When we are able to connect with people in our field, we have the opportunity to advance our careers! Becoming actively involved with your association not only opens up educational and networking opportunities, but it can also help us hone our leadership skills. Volunteers play an important role in the mission and vision of NGMA. There are a number of opportunities throughout the year to volunteer, whether you are looking for a long-term opportunity for a short-term project. NGMA actively recruits leaders to serve on the Membership, Education and CGMS Committees.  Visit our website to learn more about each committee’s mission.

Join NGMA today!

If you are new to grants management, we look forward to welcoming you to the NGMA family. Reach out to me ([email protected]) with any questions you may have, and I will be happy to get you settled into your new home at NGMA and make sure that you know how to make the most of your member benefits!


Gail Remy, Senior Manager of Membership & Chapters